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35% of the Anti-COVID-19 Fund Total Amount has Already Been Spent 

As of September 11, 2020, UAH 22.9 billion out of UAH 66 billion have been spent from the Anti-COVID-19 Fund. This is 35% of the total amount. 

In particular, UAH 2.3 billion (14.2%) out of UAH 16.3 billion was used for healthcare, UAH 9.1 billion (86%) out of UAH 10.6 billion - for social protection, and UAH 2.4 billion (95%) out of 2.5 billion - for law enforcement.  It is also reported that all funds, allocated for education (the trial external independent evaluation refund), were spent in full - UAH 52.5 million.

UAH 9.1 billion (26%) out of UAH 35 billion was used for road construction and repair, UAH 1 billion was allocated for culture, which has not been used yet. UAH 524.2 million, which has been allocated for the restoration of expenditures that were reduced for the Fund introduction, has not been used yet.

Also, UAH 2.5 billion (29%) was used from UAH 8.6 billion allocated from the Fund for additional payments to COVID-19 liquidation workers.

UAH 46.1 billion has been earmarked for measures to spread COVID-19 outbreaks, of which UAH 11.3 billion or 24.5% has been used.

In addition, UAH 9.4 billion is provided for social support, of which UAH 8.2 billion or 87.2% was used.