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The Government has Established an Inter-Institutional Working Group to Coordinate Negotiations with the IMF

The Cabinet of Ministers has established an inter-institutional working group to coordinate the negotiation process with the International Monetary Fund. The relevant decision was adopted at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on October 21, 2020.

The working group is a temporary consultative and advisory body of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, established to fulfill the commitments of Ukraine under the Stand-By Program.

It will be headed by Yuriy Butsa, Government Commissioner for Public Debt Management. 
The group will consist of representatives from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Justice, National Bank of Ukraine and Office of the President of Ukraine. 

The working group will include the following representatives of the Ministry of Finance: Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine for European Integration Yuriy Draganchuk (Deputy Chairman of the Group), Advisor to the Minister of Finance Yulia Pashko, and the Head of the Division of Cooperation with the IMF, International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Finance, Dmytro Mantsurov (Secretary of the Working Group).

It should be noted, that Ukraine expects to receive USD 700 million under the Stand-By Program by the end of 2020.

«Ukraine fulfills structural benchmarks under the joint with the IMF Stand-By Program. According to the schedule, plans to reduce the NPLs of state-owned banks were approved in June and the procedure for changing gas suppliers for household consumers was simplified. In September, we adopted the necessary legislation to ensure the functioning of the State Tax Service of Ukraine and the State Customs Service of Ukraine in the format of a single legal entity.

The NEURCU has decided setting tariffs for heating, local governments have almost completed setting their own tariffs, »- noted Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine for European Integration Yuriy Draganchuk.