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Cabinet of Ministers Strengthened Targeting of Housing Subsidies for Social Support

Оn April 14, 2021, at an extraordinary meeting of the Government adopted a draft resolution, which strengthened targeting of housing subsidies to provide state social support to the population and to implement measures aimed at efficient and rational use of budget funds.

Thus, the draft resolution proposes the following:

- to revise approaches to the accounting of property status, in particular in the appointment of housing subsidies to take into account income received from deposits, dividends from securities, etc.;

- to revoke the activities and powers of commissions formed by local authorities regarding the decision to grant housing subsidies in some cases where there are conditions under which such subsidies are not granted;

- to toughen the requirements for granting housing subsidies in terms of lump-sum value purchases, bank deposits, purchase of foreign currency and bank metals, crossing borders, etc.

Implementation of the resolution will not require additional expenditures and will be carried out at the expense of and within the funds provided in the State Budget of Ukraine to the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine for the provision of housing subsidies.