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Government approved National Revenue Strategy 2024-2030

The Government approved the National Revenue Strategy for 2024-2030, which is expected to become a key element for strengthening the economy and financial system in Ukraine.

The Strategy was prepared by the Ministry of Finance jointly with other ministries and agencies, with the participation of business representatives, as well as following consultations with international development partners, including the IMF, the World Bank and the OECD.

The main purpose of the Strategy covers important areas, including strengthening Ukraine's fiscal capacity, aligning tax and customs legislation to EU standards, and creating incentives for post-war recovery and economic growth.

To achieve this comprehensive goal, the Strategy provides for the creation of a reliable, transparent and customer-oriented tax and customs system that can ensure the trust of citizens and businesses in state institutions.

The Strategy will be implemented in a consistent manner. The first step is the internal reform of the tax and customs authorities, which is crucial to preparing for further changes. The reform is aimed at limiting the interference of regulatory authorities in business activities by consolidating data and switching to impersonal information.

Next is restoring public trust, which is critical for the success of new tax initiatives. And then implementing measures of tax and customs policy. 

Overall, with the Strategy, Ukraine will move towards developing a strong and transparent financial system that will meet relevant international requirements.