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Ministry of Finance has attracted USD 400 million under the guarantee of the UK through the World Bank's PEACE in Ukraine Trust Fund

The State Budget of Ukraine has received about USD 400 million under the guarantee of the United Kingdom through the World Bank Trust Fund.

The funds are part of the fifth additional financing of the PEACE in Ukraine project. 

The financing will be directed to partially compensate for the State Budget expenditures made to cover old-age social payments and salaries of healthcare workers under the medical guarantee program.

The loan is granted on concessional terms, with a maturity of 19 years and a 5-year grace period. 

"The assistance of international partners is critical for financing the social sector of Ukraine. I am grateful to the UK Government and the World Bank team for the productive cooperation, which has resulted in the mobilization of the necessary financial resources. I would also like to thank the UK for its intention to maintain direct budget support for Ukraine next year," said Minister of Finance of Ukraine Sergii Marchenko.

The total amount of financial assistance from the UK since February 2022 reaches USD 2 billion.