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Ukrainian Wartime Bonds are Available for Ukrainian Citizens in One Click in National Mobile App Diia

Now every citizen of Ukraine can purchase government wartime bonds in the Diia application. This is the investment in the defeat of Russia.

War bonds are a tool for supporting the state budget and the Armed Forces of Ukraine during martial law. Ukraine began issuing market wartime bonds on March 1, and since then, more than UAH 131 billion have been attracted to the state budget.

In the Diia application, Ukrainians have the opportunity to buy discount war bonds with a maturity of less than a year, which are sold at a price below par, and coupon bonds with a maturity of more than a year and scheduled coupon payments. The nominal value of one war bond is UAH 1,000. 

Funds from the issuing of war bonds are directed to financing the needs of the Armed Forces and supporting the economy of Ukraine in wartime. Investors help provide the Ukrainian army with the most necessary: ​​weapons, ammunition, equipment, food, and medicines, and also support the provision of urgent needs and the vital activity of the economy: payment of salaries, pensions and social benefits.