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Sergii Marchenko: The Consolidated Budget for 2021 Provides about UAH 27 Billion to Finance Culture Development

A pandemic is not a reason to fall into a decline for sectors important for society, especially the cultural sphere. Therefore, the consolidated budget for 2021 provides about UAH 27 billion to finance cultural development.

This was announced by Minister of Finance Sergii Marchenko during his speech in the online panel discussion "Ukraine's Creative Deposit" at the IV annual International Forum "Creative Economy", which is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine.

”Let's compare the expenditures on culture in 2020 and 2016. Four years ago, the consolidated budget expenditures on culture and art reached UAH 10.55 billion. This year, they amount to UAH 20.35 billion (+ 93%). Next year, about UAH 27 billion has been allocated for culture and art in the consolidated budget,” - noted the Minister of Finance.

According to him, the total expenditures in the draft State Budget is 0.5% of GDP. This volume was determined taking into account the needs of the industry and the country. It is enough to support state cultural institutions, in particular through a system of grants, to protect the development of the Ukrainian language, to meet the needs of the national theater and cinema.

In addition, Sergii Marchenko disagrees with manipulations that are alleging the irrelevance of Ukrainian cinema and culture during the pandemic.

"In the most difficult times, the state is obliged to support creative artists. This is a condition for the survival of the state and the nation. Funding of the national film industry provides for UAH 671.1 million. We plan to support 191 Ukrainian films. This is state investment in its spiritual foundation. By strengthening it, we will become stronger in general, "- said the Minister of Finance of Ukraine.

Sergii Marchenko added that the funding of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund grants is also envisaged (UAH 697.4 million).

"These funds will be enough for the development of 418 projects. These include 157 innovative projects, 124 international projects, and 62 projects to preserve, update and popularize the national cultural heritage. It is planned to allocate funds for the launch of 75 art projects, which will receive state support for the first time," - Sergii Marchenko stressed.

The Minister of Finance expressed his hope that the adoption of the State Budget 2021 and then its execution will allow the Ukrainians to see the potential for the development of Ukrainian culture.