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Refinitiv offers enhanced data coverage of government bond market in Ukraine

Refinitiv today announced that it is working with the Ministry of Finance in Ukraine to offer investors in-depth information on the Ukrainian government bond market. Refinitiv has launched a dedicated page on its financial terminal Eikon featuring comprehensive data and analytics of the fixed income market in Ukraine. The content features auction calendars, secondary Over the Counter (OTC) market price listings, bond benchmarks league tables, among other significant information for local market players and international investors exploring growth opportunities in Ukraine.

“The ministry’s objective is to create a transparent and well-integrated government bond market in Ukraine. The new dedicated page from Refinitiv will offer comprehensive information on market activities as well as relevant government regulations and policies,” said Yuriy Butsa, Government Commissioner for Public Debt Management, Ministry of Finance in Ukraine.

“The initiative provides insight on state debt, domestic bonds, credit ratings, economic statistics, and various data points for investors exploring investment in the Ukrainian government bond market,” he added.

“We are proud to be part of the ministry’s strategy to promote transparency and raise investor awareness on critical economic data in Ukraine,” said Antonio De Gregorio, Managing Director, Central and Eastern Europe, Refinitiv.

“Our collaboration confirms Refinitiv’s commitment to the development of the Ukrainian economy and will facilitate the execution of the ministry’s objectives to educate investors on growth prospects in Ukraine,” he concluded.